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Hello and welcome to SmartInfoSite.

I am Melroy from Mangalore. I am Admin of smartinfosite.

SmartInfoSite started on 11 Feb 2016 to share the Information on WordPress, SEO, Make Money Online, and Software.


A Little About Me:

melroy admin @ smartinfosite

I am Melroy from Mangalore and I come from a family of 5 Members. We are from a Middle-Class Agriculture family hailing from a remote village in the state of Karnataka.

Mangalore, officially known as Mangaluru, is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. The language spoken in Mangalore is Tulu.

Mangalore is still Growing and one day or the other will be a smart city like Bangalore. It is located 352 Km from Bangalore (state capital), between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain range.

Mangalore’s economy comprises industrial, commercial, agricultural processing and port-related activities

At my early stages, I was so struggling for my education because of the lesser income from the agriculture. My parents managed to pay for my education and I have completed my BCA at St.Aloysius college Mangalore.

When I was 18, I went into the Internet world and came to know the different money making methods. I was so surprised after seeing the fact that with just a computer and the internet, we can make a lot of money.

Before this incident, I don’t know about these things but yes, there are a lot of opportunities.

How I Started Blogging?

Daily I spent hours in gathering as much knowledge I can about the different money making methods and finally decided to go with Blogging.

It’s unmatched earning potential and flexibility work timings have pulled me a lot. Everyone will make a mistake and Yes, I did.

I started with YouTube and struggled almost a year but I didn’t earn anything.

I was depressed, frustrated after several attempts and failures. I don’t know where to work to fix the mistakes.

I didn’t lose my hope because mistakes are the secret of the Success. I searched for the Next Opportunity and started blogging as I was a computer science student. I had some knowledge of web designing.


Actor Varun Pruthi, famous YouTuber who donates Rs.1000 to all hard working people and his approach was my inspiration.

I got inspired and set my destiny as, “Help Poors”. I don’t have money, but I will earn in future with this blog.


Helping poor in needy by starting my own Trust in the future.

Why Smartinfosite?

Whenever you start doing an activity or any work, you should do it very smartly that’s what matters when you work.

Because If you do it in a smart way you will be satisfied and the work you do will become very easy.

Here we provide all the smart Information that help you understand the concept online as well as offline and Guide you to make a Smart choice.

In SmartInfoSite, we will provide you the necessary information that I have personally experienced by Myself.

Here I will discuss 4 topics that are SEO, WordPress, Make Money online, Software.

WordPress: WordPress Is Platform of creating Own website. I guide you to create your own WordPress website/Blog.

SEO: SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. I will provide information that will help you rank your website in search engines. So, that you can make money.

Make Money Online: Here I share the different ways of earning money online or offline.

Reviews: Technology has grown a lot. so, it is necessary to know about the best tech you can use. I share all my kinds of literature in the review section of my blog.

Future Plans:

After so Many Failures in the online industry, I almost lost all the hope and one fine day I joined ShoutmeLoud forum, a place where other bloggers, gurus can meet to discuss everything about blogging.

I thought it was the right place to start my new track and you know what, I found a right mentor through ShoutMeLoud. His name Myilraj G, a professional blogger and a mentor from Tamilnadu. I made a direct contact with Myilraj CEO of Onlinehomeincome.

His mentorship was really excellent that helped to find the various place Guided Me through all the Obstacles of web development. And He is the Best Mentor I ever had in my entire life.

In April 2018, I will Finish My studies and will be a full-time blogger and start my Business with My Guide as Myilraj. Cause Stay away from my family to earn 25000/ month. I don’t want to work under Boss. I want to be My Own Boss.

SmartInfoSite is my startup project and currently under the supervision of G. Myilraj (CEO, admin OnlineHomeIncome / Myilraj.com).

I work to improve my blog and my first goal was to reach 1000Unique visitors in a shorter period and after that, I will implement Google AdSense.

Dreaming to earn Rs. 50,000 every month with this blog is my ultimate destination.

My dear visitors, it will not happen without your presence and requesting you all to view my blog, post your suggestions and recommend it to your friends.


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