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1. What is Grammarly?

1.1) Grammarly Features

1.2) Can Grammarly replace Human proofreader??

2. Ease to use

3. Accuracy

4. Customization

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Are you confident that your English is perfect??grammarly review

without any grammar Error?

Would you like a tool which can find mistakes in your English and correct it.

I think you will definitely agree with me. cause everyone is not perfect in English there will be some mistakes in grammar.

Being Frank, I am not confident with the English I type. cause every time I will have mistakes in punctuation, spelling etc.

Errors might give negative impact to the readers.

As am a Blogger I need to write my article properly so that readers can understand.

That’s why I use the amazing tool named Grammarly. I used this tool for 17 months.

My articles were better than before and I got a good conversion rate for articles.

If you are a Blogger then this is the best tools for checking grammar. I would love to recommend this tool to all bloggers.

This tool is the freemium tool. I use the free version. you can upgrade this tool to premium for additional functionalities.

The free version of this tool is enough for starters. sign up for this tool

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is basically Grammer checker. Which will Find errors when you type. Suppose you are writing an email to Colleague or Article for a blog. You need to make your reader understand what you are trying to tell. If They don’t understand, it will put a negative impact on you. Grammarly is the solution for this kind of situation.

Grammarly tool can be used as an extension to browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. You can also download the Grammarly software for your system. But internet connection is required to open it.

Grammarly Features

1. Find Spelling Mistakes
2. Overuse of the passive voice
3. Confused prepositions
4. Repetitive words
5. Fix misplaced apostrophes

this is a very common mistake while writing. sometimes we don’t know the spelling of particular words. This mistake can change the meaning of the word. Readers will not understand the message that you are trying to convey. Grammarly has millions of words stored in it.

Grammarly spelling mistake detector

whenever we type a word it will check for the spelling mistake. Suppose there is spelling mistake it will show the word with redline which has a spelling mistake. You can correct it easily without any effort of searching for a spelling mistake. Which is a really good feature to save time.

while typing continuously we may use passive voice again and again for the subject is acted upon. Grammarly smartly detects these errors and helps to prevent from overuse of passive voice.

Grammarly also detects other things like repetitive words, Fix misplaced apostrophes. repetitive words in the sense if you repeat some word, again and again, Grammarly will show error on repetitive words.

Can Grammarly replace Human proofreader??

it is not possible for any software to be perfect like the human proofreader.

Grammarly makes some mistake while detecting errors sometimes. it doesn’t provide the context or feedback that a human proofreader offers.

if you are writing a book. I will suggest hiring professional writer cause Grammarly is not always perfect in detecting errors.

however, Grammarly is software program it can’t replace human efforts.

So, No it can’t replace human proofreader.

Buying premium version??

You might be wondering what are features available in premium version.

Just some critical error correction features. But I don’t suggest to buy the premium version. The free version is more than enough to correct the errors in your grammar.

The free version has all the features required to write proper English. the premium version will cost around 29$ per month. I don’t think its worth it.

if you are the professional blogger then you can buy it. But for starters, I would suggest free version.

Ease of Use

Grammarly dashboard

Grammarly supports different platforms like Microsoft word. Google Chrome, and other browsers. which I quite good.

The best factor that makes Grammarly the best grammar checker is that its compatible with browsers.

It underlines the errors in grammar immediately after finish typing a word. which will help in correcting an error.

when you find the error you must click the word and You can see complete details on that word and option of correcting it.

Suppose there is the mistake I spelling you can click on that word and Grammarly will give you option of correcting the error as shown in the image below.

You can compose and save documents within Grammarly software, and you can also install an application on your phone to check your writing on the go.

sometimes there is also a lag in analyzing your content. sometimes it will take a short time to find mistakes in the content.


Grammarly comma detector

I have used Grammarly for more than 1 year. this software program easily detects missing comma, spelling mistakes while typing. It out-performs Microsoft word for detecting and correcting grammar mistakes.

I have tested Microsoft word and Grammarly for finding the error in a document. Grammarly detected more errors that Microsoft word. the results were impressive.

I did this test with the free version of Grammarly. I think premium version will find more errors than the free version.

It can guarantee that Grammarly is the best and accurate online grammar checker. other software is not accurate like Grammarly.


Grammarly lets you select American or British English. it offers customization feature where you can add words to your dictionary. Grammarly doesn’t store all words in a dictionary you need to add some words to the dictionary.

Grammarly add to dictionary

suppose you have created a new name for any brand that doesn’t have any meaning in any dictionary. it is the name given to you. When you use the word while typing Grammarly will show the error and underlines that word.

You will get two option. one will be to ignore the error and other is to add the word to the dictionary.

Help & support

Grammarly offers help 24X7 for the registered subscribers. You can ask a question on their website or by mail. You can find answers to your question in the FAQ on the website. Your questions will be answered within a business day.

There were few errors in software installed. The software was not reconnecting to the internet. I immediately reported the problem. There are still some bugs in this software.


I have used this software for more than 1 year. It is best grammar checker. I would love to suggest this software to all the bloggers. If your English is not perfect this can help you write an article which readers can understand.

Even though its best grammar checker there are some bugs. You have to double check the sentences some errors might be left out so, I would suggest to double check your content.

For beginners, the free version is more than enough. Professionals can buy the premium version. but I don’t think the premium is worth 29$ per month. it’s really expensive to buy.  So go with the free version.

Internet connection is required to run Grammarly. so you can use it offline which is a big problem for travel bloggers.

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