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This is first pitch on the Blog Re-launch. Yes, today was the first day of my Blog Re-launch and in this awesome day, I want to share my own experience on, “How I started my first MAKING MONEY ONLINE move?”.

Making Money Online

It seems to be some narrative and don’t mind while reading because I want it to be the original

Everyone needs money to fulfill their dreams, so did I.

When I was 18 years old, I searched on Google for different ways of making money online. I found some website through which I can earn money, but it lasts only for 3 months. I didn’t earn a penny and 90% of the websites are spam. Later I came to know about YouTube.

You might think of YouTube as a platform for entertainment and learning. But fewer people know that it also gives us the opportunity to earn money by uploading videos.

I was happy after finding this genuine way of earning and so, I started my first YouTube channel. I uploaded the videos and applied for AdSense program to monetize my videos. As my channel don’t have any subscriber’s (or) viewers, I started clicking on my own ads.

OMG! One day, I saw my account was banned and Google has withdrawn AD-Overlaying on my videos. The result was my channel Banned.

After a few months, I created another channel and earned 50$ in 7 months. This is not a big amount but motivated me to work on YouTube.

Friends I have struggled a lot on YouTube. But I will Help you set up the channel and suggest you tips for your content.

If you follow information I provide you can easily earn 100$ a month.

Steps to setup YouTube channel

1. Create a YouTube Channel

1.1) Channel Name

1.2) Verify Partner

1.3) Upload channel art and logo

1.4) Channel Keywords

2. Publish content

2.1) Title

2.2) Tags

2.3) Description

2.4) Thumbnail

3. Share Videos on social media

4. Monetize Videos

1.) Create a YouTube Channel


There are various categories of channels on YouTube like tech, funny etc. and one of the famous channels in India is BB Ki Vines by Bhuvan Bam.

As a first move, you should create a Channel in your YouTube account where you can upload your videos. It’s easy to create a YouTube account by using your Gmail account with just one click.

After completing your signup process, go creating one channel to start your first venture online. Remember, PASSION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

Create a channel where you are passionate about.

1.1) Channel Name

Channel name is your content identity on YouTube and it can your social media profile. Choose a unique and meaningful name for the channel. In addition, changing channel name will also change Google Plus username.


  • Never change channel name. If you change your channel name after growing your ranking in search, you will be affected.
1.2) Verify Partner

After the channel is created you must verify partner identity. Verifying partner means verifying your existence through a phone number. If you verify identity you will unlock some advanced features to your channel like

  • Longer videos: You can Upload the video for more than 15 minutes

Steps to verify partner:

  1. Go to creator studio
  2. click on channel >> status and features
  3. Click on verify partner
  4. Enter Phone number with the proper country code and submit
  5. You will Receive an OTP
  6. Enter OTP and Verify channel
1.3) Upload channel art and logo

To Upload Logo and channel art, you must go to my channel and upload channel art and logo, because it’s your identity. Create beautiful Logo to impress people to subscribe to your channel. You can also use the logo for Your videos as the watermark. so, that your content is not used by others.

1.4) Channel Keywords

Add channel keywords after completing all the above steps. Keywords are the identifier of your content. Keywords will help YouTube to recognize what your content is? It also helps your channel rank your video in the search engine as well as YouTube search.

  • To add Keywords, Go to Channel>> Advance
  • You will find channel Keywords box enter your keywords there

2.) Publish content

upload videos

After you created your channel, you are ready to publish your first video content. All the contents should be unique and quality unless your video won’t be published.

Do not use any copyrighted materials such as Music (or) Pictures in your videos, if you do so, your video will be removed immediately and your account is stricken for Copyright Violation. If you get 3 (or) more copyright strikes, your channel will be suspended.

So, create unique and quality videos that might be interesting to your users.

2.1) Title

The title is a caption for your videos. you have to write a caption line about what your content is related to. use keywords in your title. Because you can get High CPC ads on your video after you monetize your content. Your title must include only those Keywords which you used in your content.

2.2) Tags

The tags are keywords in your videos. These keywords will help you rank your video in search and get more views. you can use AdWords keyword planner tool for getting highly searched keywords.

2.3) description

In the description, you have to write details about your content. Explain what your content is? what your content is related to? you can share the URL of other videos and websites in the description. Your description must have at least 300 words.

2.4) Thumbnail

You have to create an attractive thumbnail for your videos. Thumbnail is the image that will show graphically what is content about? You can use software like photoshop to create an attractive thumbnail. Thumbnail plays a very important role in attracting the subscribers to your channel.

3.) Share

share content

Social media has grown a lot. Nowadays everyone is using social media. There are Millions of people surfing on the social media website, which gives you the advantage of marketing your content for free.

Millions of user can make your content go viral in seconds. You can share your content on social media like facebook, twitter to get more audience and subscriber to your channel.

Create channel profiles on social websites and increase the social media follower and get public opinions/ feedback for your content.

Because if followers tell what content they want to see on your channel you can get an idea of the type of content you need to create. So, apart from creating content you also have to concentrate on social media because you can grow fast and easily.

4.) Monetize content

monetize videos

Because of many spam Youtube creators in India, YouTube has changed its monetization policy. Now You can earn money on Published content only when you get a total of 10,000 views on your channel videos.


YouTube didn’t get many spanner because all of them had 10,000 views. so recently YouTube changed its policy again. now then monetization is available when the channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. So from Feb 21, 2018, channels which don’t have above needs will no longer be monetized. Even I Lost my channels Monetization Feature.

Read policy

So, you have to work hard and apply some marketing strategies to get at least 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos. After you reach policy requirements your channels monetization feature will be enabled.

You have to monetize the videos and apply for a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense is Advertising partner that will Show ads in your videos.

After Adsense account is approved you can earn money from your videos. But as YouTube provides you service it will charge 45% of revenue.

Adsense can pay you per click or per 1000 ad impression. You cannot predict income from YouTube as it is based on many factors such as audience location, targeted country, advertiser’s and so on.

You can withdraw your earnings only when you reach the 100$. Withdrawal is done through EFT. So, to receive payment you need to add your bank details to Google Adsense account.


You can’t monetize the content of hacking software. Because YouTube advertisers don’t monetize content like hacking. You can also get a copyright strike on your videos.

My Tips For YouTubeChannel categories 

Before you create your channel know what content you can create with the resource you have and then create the channel of particular categories.

1.Create social media pages 

After naming channels you have to create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page with the same name to grow your audience.

2.Copyright free music 

Never use music from movies because you may get a copyright strike sometimes. Use copyright free music provided by YouTube itself. If you really want to use Movie music then join an MCN(Multichannel network). It will prevent your channel from getting strikes. But MCN charges 30% of income for service provided.

3.Concentrate on gaining subscribers

You need to concentrate on subscriber growth rather than views because subscribers are your main source of income, reputation. You can get sponsorship if you have 1000 subscribers on your channel.

4.Create long content

Whenever you create content to make sure that your content is longer than 10 minutes. Because your content will gain more watch time which can help you rank your content in search. Another advantage of creating long content is to insert multiple ads. You can double your ad income by inserting ads between videos.

5.Get sponsorship

As soon as you reach 1000 subscribers, try to get sponsorships from marketing companies that are will pay you for promoting their products on your channel. You get sponsorship up to 100$ for promoting one product video on your channel. There are many sponsorship providing websites like fame bit that will provide you sponsorship if you have more than 5000 subscribers. You can register on those websites for sponsorship.

6.Share Affiliate Link

Affiliate links are product referral links provided by e-commerce websites. You can join affiliate programs and share the link in the description of the video. If your viewers click on that link and buy the product e-commerce website will pay you a commission for promoting the product.

7.Unlock Channel Feature

Try to unlock all the features of the channel. the main features you must unlock is Verification. you can unlock this feature after reach 1,00,000 subscribers. Other features The custom URL feature is unlocked when you gain 100 subscribers, sponsorship feature on 1000 subscribers.

8.Avoid copyright strikes

You should avoid copyright strikes on the channel because if you get more than 3 strikes your channel will be suspended by YouTube.

9.Call to action 

At the beginning or the end of video invite audience to like, share and comment on your video. And invite them to subscribe to your channel. Create end screen annotations on videos to show other contents on your channel.

10.Schedule content

Make a timetable for your content and publish the content only in those days. You can change the schedule as the channel grow.

11.Hacking content

never create ethical hacking, software hacking, share serial keys in the description. Because you may get copyright strikes


YouTube is not the only platform to earn money but also the platform to show your skills. You can also develop your personality and self-confidence.

I never had the ability to talk in front of 100 people. But now I have that ability as the day passes you can see changes in your skills and personality.

Don’t be shy to share your videos with friends. They may laugh at the beginning but when you grow your channel the will give respect.

Don’t work on YouTube just for money instead of making YouTube your passion. If you work just for sake of earning you will fail. so, just do it as your routine.

Don’t copy the content create your own content with new ideas.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. if I missed any part please let me know in comment section thank you.


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