How to do SEO for YouTube videos?

YouTube Has become the biggest search engine for Video content. It’s a Free platform by Google.

YouTube generates an estimated 92 billion page views every month. There are Millions of content creators who upload millions of videos every day. so, it has made difficult for new creators to grow on YouTube.

Youtube seo

if you’re new on YouTube platform I will ask only 2 question.

Are you ranking on the first page of YouTube Search?

Do You Know how SEO can increase your views and subscribers?

Here in this article, I will explain how you can rank your video on the first page of the search with YouTube SEO.

When I started my YouTube Channel is didn’t have much Knowledge about the Technical stuff like SEO, keyword etc.

I just kept on created videos and uploading and I use to get 10 to 20 views for a video.

After a few weeks, I came across a word called SEO(Search Engine Optimization). I had no idea what it was.

I started searching for the Tutorial videos that can make me understand what SEO actually was?

There was a youtube channel Named My smart support by Dharmendra Kumar.

I watched his videos and came to know how important SEO was to get More views And subscribers. I tried some of the methods which the SEO tutorials suggested. Like using tags having large search volume etc. But nothing worked for me.

So I managed to get some of the main things that are common in all the tutorial video. They all used tool named Tubebuddy. so even I tried it. but it didn’t make any difference in my channel growth.

then I made a video on creating the 3D logo which had high competition. so I used some of the following methods to outrank other videos.

My YouTube SEO Methods

  1. Create a video similar to other creators.
  2. Use Tubebuddy to know competitor Keywords.
  3. Keep video title same as the video which had the highest views.
  4. Make a detailed video than your competitor’s video.
  5. wait for a few months.

1. create similar content to other creators

Whenever you create content your content should match the content which has more views in that content categories. Suppose you are creating content on creating a 3D logo you must create content which has got more views for logo making category. always target the competitor who ranks on the first page YouTube for that keyword.


My video


I saw this video getting millions of views so I watched it. And I learned how to create a 3D logo. Later I created my logo and made a video and uploaded with the same title, tags and But I made the video more detailed. My competitor didn’t show which shortcut keys he used. so I took advantage of it and displayed the Shortcut keys on the screen.

2. Use Tubebuddy to know competitor Keywords.

If You get to the recommended section of the competitor’s video then you can easily outrank competitor in weeks. To Outrank your competitor you need to know keywords your competitor has targeted. By Using Tubebuddy you can find out the keywords for which your competitor is getting high traffic. suppose in my case my competitor targeted keywords like photoshop, the 3D logo to get a lot of traffic. So even I did the same and it helped me to outrank my competitor.

tags - Youtube seo

Tube buddy is a freemium tool you can use free version in the beginning and you can upgrade your plan. Click below button to download and View pricing of Tube Buddy.

Download Tubebuddy

3. Keep video title same as the video that has highest views.

Important Method for YouTube SEO is keeping you title similar to your competitor. it will boost your ranking in a few months and get your video to the recommended section of competitor’s video. This is one of the best methods to get views. In my case, I searched videos for which there are more views and then I found a video with over 2 Million views.

youtube search- Youtube seo

I saw the title of his video. it was very simple and many people will search for the same keyword. So I decided to change my video title and make it similar to the competitor. My competitor’s video title was How to create 3D Text -Photoshop. so I kept my video title as How To Create 3D Logo- Photoshop.

4. Make a detailed video than your competitor’s video.

Your competitor may have millions of views but there might be some mistake in their video. Just go through the comments of your competitor’s video and see the remarks are made about the video.

comment - Youtube seo

comment - Youtube seo

My case I went through the comment section of competitors video. I found that he used some shortcut keys in the video that were not specified. So all the viewers were stuck in some part of the video and didn’t Know which shortcut keys were being used. So I took advantage of it and made a detailed video. I displayed shortcuts keys on the screen. So that viewers can understand which keys I have used to make 3D Logo. I got positive feedback from my viewers.

5. wait for a few months.

If your video is not getting views even after doing this wait for 2 or 3 months and make changes again. YouTube is a very big platform with millions of videos. YouTube SEO(algorithm) Takes time to Process the Changes you have made. So it will definitely take time. You need to have patience because making this changes will not get you more views in days. You should not edit anything in your title or Tags. Just keep the videos as it is after making changes.


I can’t guarantee that this method will work for you because YouTube SEO Algorithm keeps on changing. So it might work for some content category, not for all category. But you need to keep on uploading content on your channel daily basis. Have some patience and work hard every day and you will definitely get success.


I have struggled a lot just to get my first 100$ from YouTube. But I finally got it using these above methods. Only one video made about 100$ after I made these changes. This is my First AdSense Earning. Thank you all for your support to help me get my first AdSense Payment.

If you have any doubts you can reach me out in a comment section below feel free to ask questions.

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